Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

Is it time to jump ship?

Not sure how other campuses are doing but we just let go of two other instructors. Is it time to jump ship? What's going here? It looked so promising at SAE, what went wrong?

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it was time well before you arrived ;)

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It's time

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I think it just depends on which campus you're out and how the starts are coming. Low start numbers normally equals less instructors needed. Just makes sense. Unless this is going on campus wide I wouldn't worry too much about it

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I hear more are happening. I'm looking to go back to the studio. What a joke. It's been half a year since the November layoff and talk about positive change. But... Nothing. No CEO. A "Dean" who is acting like a CEO who does not get us. No new hires... Just termination after termination.

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Which campus ru?

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