Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

Miami Headquarters Office Down to Skeleton Crew

Call center employees have recently resigned; Marketing functions moved to Navitas' paid vendors; CEO came to Miami headquarters recently to "calm nerves" & reassure existing employees that the future is "bright and full of opportunity at SAE," but campus directors and call center employees are resigning nearly everyday. Positions are suddenly "eliminated" and outsourcing to Australia is common place. A planned move to a larger office in Brickell was suddenly scrapped. Navitas' earnings & projections continue to plummet & feds are eliminating scholarships are some campuses. New programs (digital journalism & bachelors degrees) are scrapped. Writing is on the wall & it's betting bold print. When employees leave, no explanation is given to staff. They just disappear. All because former CEO & CFO overspent by $2.5 million & Navitas never looked at the books before acquiring the company. Who's at the wheel? Nevermind. The tires are going flat --- one by one.

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I have a feeling. Miami HQ is shutting down. They probably will bring it back to New York or Atlanta

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I heard there were 3 people SAE tried to back, even Davie, and screwed that up too. They were too smart to come back to clean up our mess.

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Interesting insight

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Which Campus Director resigned?

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We are just waiting for closure notice by then as well. We're not filking seats here.

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This is pretty much the assessment at our campus. We are lucky in the sense that we do not see what's happening at Group. So we are shielded from all that drama. But we hear (or don't hear) about what's happening. That's why many of us still come here. Not surprised about call center or marketing. I hope they all got fair warning. I heard that certain campuses may be on the chopping block by 2016. But that's all random rumor. Watch you back SaE San Francisco, Exp- San Jose, SAE, Miami, SAE Chicago.

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