Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

Article: Student Enrollment Slips: Now rated as "Underperforming"

Nativas is now being rated as "Underpeforming":

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This is the start of things to come. Our "bank" is not financially stable. They are over their heads with loan debts left and right. The Australian's security exchange will take notice that the company is on a major downward shift. A few years after the SAE sale, and we are no where close to making up for what we were bought for.

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Yeah, SAE still has no clue what it's doing or where it's going.

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In the last two years, US HQ has been in NYC, Miami, plans on Atlanta before Miami and now I hear Los Angeles? Yeah.. we have a clear direction.

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What does she have on these people.... How is she so persuasive and incompetent at the same time???

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To 88078 - they moved Group from NYC to Miami for their two outstanding employees Miranda and Winkowski. Super smart move - NOT!

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I always understood that as being strategic for SAE to break into South America. That's going to be beyond sad if they close down Miami.

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Never understood why they moved the corporate office out of NYC!!!???

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Any idea where group is moving too?

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Miami is high on their list. They are even moving Group out of Miami. There's little strategic reason to be there.

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As the stock slips, the confidence and other funds slip. Nativas will put more funding and support into their pathway program and figure out how to shed the weight of SAE. If SAE campuses are not performing, they have no personal ties or commitment to it. Expect that Navitas will slowly shut down a few campuses that are costing them money. IE/ Miami, San Jose, San Francisco (pulling it out of ExPression)

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