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Big time

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What is our power play as students? Who from the administration is tired of seeing us students all being robbed? Help us! I've been told there is a meeting coming for the entire school. This is our opportunity to band together! Students write to the better business bureau! Write to the department of education!

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Ah, yes, easy to say, but if I know the Ex'pression family, they don't like letting the students down. This has been threatened many a time, but in the end, it never happens.

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Okay everyone here at Ex'pression. We need to all call in sick for a week. That's the only power we have. Insist on cooperation and understanding and an even distribution of work. Fred has to go, it's that simple. Or, do we all just want to give up and let this thing that was once so unique, go down the drain. Maybe we should just insist that the name be changed to SAE, since it's not Ex'pression anymore.

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If anyone at SAE CORPORATE is reading this, you're doing it wrong. This post has over 300 views. Do you think this is a great marketing strategy? You came in and BASTARDIZED our campus. All that good will that was built up in the industry is about to dissolve into thin air along with what is left of our reputation. Nice job. Kudos to you. Pat yourselves on the back. High fives all around. Cheers. Thanks for taking the apostrophe out of expression.

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I'm about to lose my shit. We are purging good people, while Fred wrings his hands and Drew waxes poetic. Meanwhile, they yell at staff for not knowing things they fail to communicate. There is no leadership there, just fear. People are so frightened about losing their jobs, the students are freaked out, and everyone is miserable. They are forcing Masters on faculty even though the regs for ACICS state differently.

We've lost 6 people in the past month and Fred seems giddy about all the money he's saving. Meanwhile, his strategy is to simply heap more on those who are left.

If this is our future, bending over to the corporate overlords, we need to take action or its only going to get worse.

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I feel that the campus has become even more toxic than ever before. It's making me very sad. Faculty have been notified that they all need Master's degrees. It's clearly a way to get rid of industry experienced people and find cheap people with Master's degrees and no real life experience. So negative. Does ME know what she is doing?

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Well that's not helpful. You can always file a complaint about that or talk to the campus director. All students deserve to have their concerns addressed.

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I have. But they are pointing fingers at the SAE group.

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Then you can talk to Student Affairs or anyone else on staff to file a complaint or get help. I think you'll find that they are very responsive to student concerns that are presented in a mature and constructive manner. Give it a try!

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I'm a student

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Maybe you should find a job somewhere else

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