Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

SAE Miami is on Heightened Cash Monitoring (HCM) as well

Not just ExPression, but SAE is also on the list. The list as of March 2015:

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Hello 87665 are you Navitas or Corporate taking those comments a bit personally aren't you?

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Jacked up IPO? Madoff ponzi scheme? Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?

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HCM2 is being on alert for poor administrative and operational processes. They have had visits in the last 2 years from DOE and accreditation and put on findings for how they operated the school. Basically, non compliant

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More campuses are expected to get on the HCM1 list for financials. New York is one, Los Angeles is another. Miami is currently on HCM2 for administrative operations, but will soon be on for financials.

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87365 scroll through the posts on the main page, but for Miami basically they no longer have an extension of credit from the FEDS for FA. for every disbursement of FA they have to request and prove it before it is disbursed, and they have to use their own funds before the FEDS reimburse them. The fact that expressions and SAE Miami have ended up on this national list is awful but they were already in this position! What's shocking is that expressions is on there??? And SAE NY is not.....These schools are going to fail Navitas is a language school on steroids! They thought SAE would have them break into the U.S. markets on their own without having to piggyback on other schools like UMASS FAU, etc.. They overpaid and Tom Misner and his cronies obviously presented some jacked up IPO and facts about the schools where they stood and where they were going. In a nutshell madoff ponze scheme v.2 it's all a sham so many people worked so hard for so long!! All the owners and executives got richer ripped off embezzled get a golden parachute and. Are ok! The people at the campus are the ones who get screwed along with the students who have the stigma of going to a school that has been discredited. We should all get out now I've seen the best of the best kicked to the curb at all campuses. Do you all realize that there were people who worked for SAE for 20+ years? And people at the campus level for over a decade? These schools need to fail so the cancer can be cut out once and for all whether they start up again is a crap shoot! They keep all information about each campus on the low... Why are so many of you in the dark about HCM? If you are going to stay there then research, talk to each other contact other people in your position at other campuses but stop letting all this BS just happen to you.

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What's HCM2?

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There have been posts about SAEmiami being on Hcm2 months ago...

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