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The Pep Boys laying off long term employees....just a few at a time, here in 2015..... what does this signal?

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All Speedshop managers positions were illuminated. Effective 5-2016

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Pepboys has just layoff 2 remarkable people who lead the Speed Shop category for Pepboys.

David Dessinger being the southeast division, 25 year veteran!

This will be a bad blow for the business. Those who do not understand this category can not lead this business.

This will end badly, they are looking short term for stock holders only to see this as a fix today.

This will be a fatal blow to the business.

Speed shop sales drive other parts of the business and has the loyal customers.

If the current leaders do not follow what has already be in place, this will end badly.

Or lets just face it, Pepboys is going to end !

the big guys are cashing in. Take the money and run!

leaving nothing in it's path!

Sell your stock! NOW!

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Really what locations? Signals a whole new crop of people hired for less $ in all depts to try to raise the stock...Grasping. But how if that salary is now being paid in bonuses to others and upper management for saving payroll? Oh, its not on books at store level, is that it? They do not care about employees any more like they used too.It has done nothing but create hostile work places across the country. Customer will suffer in the long run.

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We also closed some locations

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