Topics regarding layoffs at Pep Boys-Manny Moe & Jack

Topics regarding layoffs at Pep Boys-Manny Moe & Jack

Continue your automotive career!

I never like to hear bad news on the automotive aftermarket sector - especially when jobs are impacted. For those looking for a new shop, bring your skills and expertise to Firestone. We are seeking top talent not only for technician roles from... —  read more 

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pepboys leases stores

PepBoys leased 109 California stores to Advanced Auto. Advanced is taking over most stores so most buildings will be pepboys service centers, and advanced auto parts. Pepboys is closing some stores during this time also.

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Store Closings

Greetings! If anyone is, or knows someone that lost their job or might lose their job at Pep Boys due to any recent or future closures, we are hiring at nearly all of our U-Haul Moving Centers and Repair Shops nationwide. Check out —  read more 

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Pepboys has closed The little bedford store in texas and rumors are they will be closing 3 more stores in Texas to cut costs and to keep bigger stores open that make more profits. The company does not repeat does not care about their technicians... —  read more 

What Locations?

Layoffs signal a whole new crop of people hired for less $ in all departments to try to raise the stock... Grasping. But how if that salary is now being paid in bonuses to others and upper management for saving payroll? Oh, its not on books at store... —  read more 

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