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Pep Boys Major Layoff at Corporate

In the first few weeks of January 2019 we saw a major layoff of all key leaders and personal at headquarters. Looks like a sale of the company is in the works.
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Big layoff and more to come

Ax fell yesterday at Pep Boys headquarters. They are whittled down to having virtually not staff for store support and their future looks bleak.

Pep Boys-Manny Moe & Jack Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Pep Boys-Manny Moe & Jack layoffs in Philadelphia in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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What Locations?

Layoffs signal a whole new crop of people hired for less $ in all departments to try to raise the stock... Grasping. But how if that salary is now being paid in bonuses to others and upper management for saving payroll? Oh, its not on books at store... read more

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