Topics regarding layoffs at AutoZone Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at AutoZone Inc.

Time to reopen this board

AZ is becoming a cr-p show. Product coming out of hubs doesn't work for vendors. Out of touch district and regional management and noone wants to work on DIY side for low pay.

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A lot of risk for nothing

I get the corporate greed, and the urge to make money even in these conditions, even if that comes at the expense of the health and maybe even lives of the employees ( not that I approved that in any way), but the fact is that we’re not making any... — read more 

Profit over everything

Everybody is closing stores and reducing their hours to slow the spread of the coronavirus and what do we get? Prolonged working hours. Because of course. Because why not. Who cares about the health of employees and their families when more money can... — read more 

Class Action Settlement

Class action against Autozone - Updates Autozone persuaded the 9th Circuit to affirm 2 lower courts’ rulings that refused to allow a group of workers to pursue class claims over rest and meal breaks. Autozone workers Jimmy Ellison and William... — read more 

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