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This is why Fry's will go out of business! You'll see in a year or two, Fry's will be bankrupt.

Frys sales work harder at "not" giving customers best deals because it comes out of their paychecks. Wow also true that associates that give some of the best customer service, are usually the ones on draw (owe fry's money). And only when they turn to cheaters and liars, that they recover and prosper. Mr randy fry's secretly telling all sales to sell sell sell but if you sell ad item or give necessary discounts it will be taken away from paycheck . Deals, bargains, discounts and great customer sales is what keeps customers coming back. Sad that that's also the same things that hurt salespeople. Great job Frys' owners. Perfect recipe for out of business.

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It's 4 years later and they still haven't folded lol.

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A customer issues Jan, 27, 2015 Typical Frys management

A customer (business owner) approached me and asked to speak to Ray Simpson. I let him know I had not seen Ray today but the assistance manager, Terrace is here. I told him I would find him. He began to tell me his small business was on hold since his server was at Fry's and was not repaired. He expressed he had told service to not spare any expense in getting parts, and if parts were not available to over night them and he would pay for that. He said he felt some of our service people were "assholes" to him, which I saw as an extension of his anger. He expressed he had taken it as far as he could with our service personal.

I found Terrance walking by himself, aporoahed him to explain the above condition. Within my first few words, Terrance began to make small chat with another person, I paused to let him finish, then I began again to speak. Before I could finish he began another conversation with a second person. I final got him to listen, explaining the urgent need for a Manager to address this issue. He told me this was the service manager's problem. I told him the service manager was not in and the customer did not want to speak to service personal any more. Terrance began to walk in the opposite direction of the customer, which I had just pointed out to him. At that point, I let Terrance know he needed to address the customer and not avoid the problem. Terrace became heated, told me, " Don't look at me with that facial expression, go back to computers and stay out of it." He then began to walk further away. I repeated his need to address the customer. Without any clear direction from Terrance, I went towards the customer. Terrance then blurted out, "You need to fill in your time cards better."

Terrance saw me speaking with the customer, as he approached I introduce Terrance, and went back to work.

I resigned shortly after I communicated this to management, due to harresement by the Fry's.

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