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I was recently laid off from the West Tulsa facility.

I personally wasn't surprised I got cut ,even though I loved my job there and went out of my way to do the best to be efficient.there were too many buddy-buddy "cliques" there.basically it wasn't HOW you worked,it was WHO you brown nosed!especially in the prefab division.the 1 fabrication manager was good at his job and honest with all employees.however the pre-fab had 5 managers and none of them had a clue.but since all 5 of them were buddies they all kept their jobs.not to mention the dim witted warehouse manager that did nothing more than watch videos on his computer all day,the lazy shipping manager that slept most of the day and a few others that didn't value their job.but yet I gave 100% and tried to make a career with this company and I get layed off before any of the above .and I hear now there is more lay offs coming by the end of June.

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Some of the people that work in this company are disgusting. Some of them do inappropriate things and get away with it and some management will ONLY CONFRONT those whom they can bully. There is a manager in this place who is too coward to confront some issues and chose to look the other way rather than deal and make things right. This place is full of phony and cliquish people.

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Yes, a very cliquish company. If you didn't get your position through cronyism or nepotism...look out, man!

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