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Crazy Severance

SunTrust Banks in here in Atlanta will cut 100+ IT resources and it will move work offshore, way to go, good way of taking care of America. The bank is asking all folks that will lose jobs to accept the severance agreement requires terminated employees to remain available for up to two years to provide help when needed that will include in-person assistance and they will offer no compensation.

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Sara Blackwell, a Florida attorney who is representing Disney workers in a discrimination complaint after they were replaced by foreign workers, said the SunTrust "contract requires them to be on call for two years and they agree to not be paid for any time used to assist the company."

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I worked IT at a company back in the late '80s.

They fired a woman in accounting who had been there for 30 years.

Unfortunately, the new, 30-something boss that fired her had no idea what she actually did at the company. Once she left, he found out NO ONE knew how to do this woman's job.

The company ended up re-hiring her as an independent consultant so she could train someone how to do her old job. She charged them double what her old salary was and, oddly enough, it took her 6 months to train the new person.

She's my hero.

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