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Layoffs are starting...Look out Houston!

So they started laying off a lot of really good people, but keeping the old dead wood management. Down to 5200 from a high of about 7000. There's more blood letting to follow. They closed the data center in Houston. Moved it to Atlanta and Dallas. They are laying off anyone over 50 so they can replace them with youngsters in canada and india. The company is really on a downward spiral. Used to be a good company. Now employee opinion survey shows otherwise. But management won't list to the workers and instead are targeting those who are either too old or spoke out about the issues that plague the company. one of the worst IT departments in the business. Sales group isn't far behind.

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Invesco is a joke. Cut salaries by moving everything to India when they waste 150k + a year at each location on coffee and pop. The managers in Houston need to go especially in IT. How HR has not got on top of the harassment is crazy.

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Glad I got out when I did. Heard they just whacked a bunch more this week. Cost cutting. Move the jobs to India. Toxic environment for the poor souls still there... Sad...

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