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More layoffs 1st qtr with less severance YES!!

Also Verizon restructuring titles.. Makes no sence. Associate Directors now moved to be call Sr.Mgrs. How about they get rid of all their Indian Leadership or keep it too under 10%

America should SERIOUSLY NOW start boycotting Verizon & go to their competitors, 70+% of Verizon's work is going to VDSI (Verizon Data Services India) Verizon's offshore company NOW WHICH IS the (IT Senior VP & CIO'S baby). . It's bad enough 99% of his mgrs & above..ALL Senior LEADERSHIP IS all Indian male. God forbid your not in the same cast or male. Your time is limited if your not an Indian male at Wireless or CMB.

HR turns it's head, with not having diversity in teams. Definitely not equal opportunity company unless your an INDIAN male.

Executive's pockets are becoming fuller as everyone else's jobs are being replaced. Our US government should tax the hell out of Verizon for basically raping the US economy.

More layoffs to come. Matter of time before all call center work is offshored also. Vzw focus on millenials & online sales. When they should focus on improving their websites & lowering prices. Not the American company we use to be.

Used to treat employees great until they decided to work their people 18 hours a day, same salary, no OT.. seriously Verizon is NOW has an Indian sweatshop mentality. Won't change till the CIO goes..VDSI is the new Verizon. Such a shame what they did to Bell Atlantic/GTE Vodafone... Verizon might as well close USA doors & more completely to India

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