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Entire Workstation and Fusion groups gone

Two years ago, the entire groups of Fusion and Workstation QA group were laid off in Palo Alto. The developers stayed at that time.

Now the entire groups of Workstation and Fusion in Palo Alto are gone as well today.


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Workstation is at a bad spot of price/features. College students and home users are using Oracle Vrtualbox for free. The extra features in Workstation Player or Pro simply not necessary. Oracle Virtualbox performance generally faster during deployment. Not sure who is paying $200 for features they do not need. May be some very small businesses might implement their virtualization infrastructure with Workstation Pro ??

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Predictably, there has been no significant innovation or updates/enhancements to Workstation since this happened. Give it a few years and Hyper-V Client, VBox, etc. will have caught up to or surpassed Workstation. It's already showing signs of abandonware.

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@iky - performance based never works as people are playing favors

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not the first time they have laid-off an entire team. wonder if they gave any compensation this time?

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Claiming the layoff is performance based, you may be legally liable

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@xch Found the troll

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Parallels > Fusion

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Performance-based would make sense. Workstation and Fusion has turned to crap.

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I welcome our new Chinese overlords.

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I heard that the entire View group are gone, too

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This is definitely not performance based.

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Yep, they are moving Workstation, Fusion and FLEX App Catalyst development to China. Something around 25 people gone, some of them from over 14 years of working on the product. Sad day.

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