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As Cardinal started to deal with the reality of losing Walgreen's as a primary customer in 2013, they canned a lot of people in IT; I was there, and though I avoided that I ended up leaving anyway (partly due to fatigue after a long run there, but especially after finding out how weak the severance comp was). There's a 2015 thread here for Cardinal, suggesting that management is bloated and that they could clear out a lot of excess. Well, no. CAH cherishes its fat, overpaid org chart; anybody over a certain management level is generally immune to layoffs, they just get shuffled off to another department. This routine shuffling made working there a huge PITA as the new boss rarely understood the issues facing our department or the sacrifices made by its staff (hint: quality of life score = 0). No first-line employee is safe at Cardinal; they have viewed labor as a commodity since at least around 2007 if not earlier, whenever it was that founder Bob Walter left. Add to that the bizarre Whack-a-mole acquisitions over the years, and it adds up to one big mess. Best of luck to anyone still left at CAH, you may be posting here one day.

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