Thread regarding Arris Group Inc. layoffs

How do you all feel about this debacle?

So much stress, so much politics. I think I will leave on my own. Sometimes it's hard to calm my thoughts.

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Not sure who is better off, the people asked to leave involuntarily or the people that are left to figure out the mess. I know the PACE team is very proud of what they do and this mess that the executives made are killing us.

Our customers are very upset across the board. My heart goes out to the middle management team still here to get things back on track.

Some great people have been removed from the business, as someone said below, the "magic" is now gone and we will never be able to get it back.

Good luck to all of us still here, I think we will need it more than the people that have moved on. 2 people I know already have offers after they received notice last week. It is a hot job market for engineers and engineering management.

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I am planning to leave. My position is rather critical and will be hard to fill but that is not my problem.

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I don't know which country you are in, but certainly in the UK it's hard to find a job when you are unemployed, especially if you've been out more than a few months.

My advice would be to polish up your CV, get connecting on LinkedIn, and do everything possible to find a new job whilst you are still employed, don't wait to be laid off. This is especially important if they drag the process out for months, depending on the laws and how many people are being cut.

Oh, and if they are doing selection pools and scoring you against colleagues then in my opinion it's rather cruel and nasty way of blaming the employees for their own misfortune in being axed. Thank goodness I got out when I did!

Good luck!

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