Thread regarding Cisco Systems Inc. layoffs

Markdown - formatting of text on layoffs dot com

Interesting instructions about text formatting @EITBv7r - Check this out #formatting

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So, it appears that a back-tick (``) symbol surrounding text does make a code block.

And you have to "escape" a back-tick with another back-tick to type a back-tick in a message.

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It would be nice if back-tick (`) symbols also worked as a codeblock or monospaced font.

Does putting lines
of text between a triple back-tick block do anything?

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Italicized text is text between two asterisk symbols (*).
Bold text is text between double asterisk symbols (**).

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How to quote: Start the line with a "greater than" (>) sign followed by a space and the text to be quoted.

Blank lines between quoted lines need to have a greater than sign and a space with the next line to be quoted also having it's own greater than sign / space group.

Like this example.

Any line quoted ends at the next return/end-of-line character.

_Italicized_ text is text between two underscore symbols (_).
Bold text is text between two Asterisks (*).

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` how to quote?
' quotes
' tick marks '
` tidla tick marks `

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