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More layoffs in 2017 and 2018 are all but a certain, it ain't a rumor.

Intel continues to think IoT, memory, 5G, and modems are all paths to growth. This is laughable as the TMG manufacturing and product teams have never successful competed and been successful where there is competition. Just look at the 3 generation sad attempt in mobile and tablets.

They think the server is safe, but just like x86 did to mainframes, minicomputers, workstations the ARMy assault continues and now you have IBM and AMD redoubling...

With 14nm progress still falling well behind the already so delayed schedule and 10 and 7nm continuing to slip, client continuing to fall, the end is upon.

It ain't a rumor, more layoffs in 2017 and 2018 are coming!

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Notice how we get the same old faces in double digit grade levels just in a different configuration. Nobody ever drains the swamp 10 plus

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As a person who worked there several times as contract employee, which makes up most of the workforce. I have seen this happen many times, where older and higher paid blue badges get shown the door, and sometimes escorted out like criminals. This has created a paranoid environment among those who are left, so everyone starts back stabbing each other because they don't want to be the next one to be booted. And creates animosity to the contract workers who are treated like crap. So any workplace cohesion gets thrown out the window, because everyone is circling their prospective wagons. (I.E. sort of like high school were this group hates that group and is out to get them).

So the ones left are not necessarily the most talented, but really good at throwing people under the bus, and are all to ready to take credit for others work and quick to point the finger at someone who doesn't kiss their butts. And this is the real reason for the overall poor performance at Intel.

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There are ALWAYS layoffs happening. Most are just pretty quiet and don't get much notice.

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Bests of times before the end, expect lots more business travel and spending before the big plunge 😂🤣😏

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Intel lays off old, high pay employees, then hires three to four low paid employees in Costa Rica or India. And who voted for Trump? All these tax breaks will go to shareholders before any US employee gets a nickel.

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As a matter of actual fact, all these are means of growth. The virtuous cycle of growth concept is truly well stated. The issue is the orgamization structure & the most essential aspect of connectivity left as before. We have seen the history of efficacy & competency of this particular unit' leader. As long as Murthy/BK refuses to change this organization, the virtuous cycle would be a virtual one. Delivery is more important than diversity.

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People will be trading in their Intel modem iPhones for Qualcomm iPhones. Customers will be furious with lower performance. The benchmark websites and Apple blogs will have a field day with this.

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Nobody cares what is in their PC or phone! Number of cores, frequency, or benchmarks. What matters is will the manufacture selects your stuff.

Does anyone care what is in your iPhone7 till the Intel modem results in lowered battery life then Apple will drop Intel like a wet turd

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Anybody who thinks Zen will be competitive on anything but price is misleading themselves. AMD wants to gain market share, but they can't. Zen could be their last x86 chip...ever.

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Yet there are hundreds of open positions- imagine that?!!!

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I would think that there will be more this year. Intel is hiring a lot so probably they could use that as an excuse to keep the total amount at target.

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The layoffs are very deserving. Put out crappy product several generations behind with mgmt heads up their asses placed Intel in this position. Easily many more lay-offs in wait based on business model. Add these people to the unemployment bread line next year. Too bad.

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It's coming

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