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Clean harbors racist management at Top lodge

The current manager at this lodge bullies one of the housekeepers. She constantly interrogates her and always puts her foot in her mouth because every time she questions her workload, she is proved wrong. She also hired a new housekeeping supervisor that I heard telling the manager in the lobby that she was going to "get rid of the trash and dirty ones"

Since they've been working together, many of the Muslim and minority's have just disappeared. I also noticed as a client that there used to be a girl working at the front desk. She started wearing a hijab. She was let go shortly after. It's a shame and will not be staying at this lodge anymore. The manager bullies and allows her staff members to be bullied and the new front desk workers are very rude and unprofessional.

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The lodge is one of their Canadian branches. Canada has strong labor laws. If the employee believes that they were wrong the employee should take action. It’s odd that as a client you would put your 2 cents in as you see only one side of the story. At lot of what you say is considered hear say to be taken with a grain of salt.

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They ate a very racist company trust me i sued anff won

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