Topics regarding layoffs at Clean Harbors Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Clean Harbors Inc.

Undercover Boss...

Came across a repeat airing of the Clean Harbors Undercover Boss episode last night. Only reminded us of the POS McKim is going on national television touting his great "American" company while at the same time the company was laying off employees... —  read more 

So much for outsourcing...

Appears offshore workers have had enough of the unrealistic expectations, long hours and the rare miserly pay raises, and have been leaving in droves. It really says a lot when your "cheap alternatives" decide enough is enough! You REALLY had to... —  read more 

So many layoffs

My husband got laid off today. I can not believe how these people treat their employees. It has been nothing but layoffs and sending guys home with no pay since last summer. When my husband would ask what was going on they would say "were not sure... —  read more 

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More layoffs?

I heard you guys are going through layoffs again, I left in 2013 so I do not have any info but many good friends are still with Clean Harbors.

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The REAL Problem

Senior managers at clean harbors, also known as Alan McKim's sheep, are certainly overpaid and not competent. To work here you have to keep your head down and never grow. Such a shame.

CLHB job cuts

It seems that Clean Harbors is getting ready for yet another massive reorg, we've been suffering for long time - just put us out of misery. Please.

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Hours, hours, hours

Hours, hours, hours. Management likes to sell the point of "getting your hours" as a plus. True, you can make a lot of money, but be prepared for this job to be a grind. Like I said, 65-75 hours a week wasn't unusual, and I hit 90 hours on occasion... —  read more 

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