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"I think one thing that may have caused lower scores is the lack of information at two Directors leaving. I have heard questions like ""Is this a trend"", and ""why are people leaving all at once""; I think the employees need to be reassured that this is purely coincidental timing, there are personal reasons they are leaving, it was 100% their decision; they were not forced out or driven out, and so on.

Secondly, there seems to be the appearance of secrecy around replacements for the two directors. Generally, this is a decision left to the executives or people above our pay grades, but people don't like not knowing what's happening. This information doesn't have to be broadcast to everyone, but perhaps to the managers and directors to communicate to their staff at their discretion.

On a separate note, it would be nice to understand what is in the pipeline for upcoming mergers and acquisitions. I understand there is a fine line regarding what executives can tell staff in a publicly-traded company because of the potential for misuse of the information to take advantage of insider trading (remember Martha Stewart). But there must be something employees can be told about what to expect coming soon, and what the potential is for the number and workload of M&A.

These are the two subjects I have heard about mostly. My Director makes it a point to attend our staff meetings at least once a quarter, and this gives him a chance to speak to everyone, to address rumors, if any, and a chance to get and give feedback. It does help."

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The two directors did not leave by choice. Let's call it "involuntary retirement"

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Treat people better


Nobody wii leave

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