Thread regarding TATA Consultancy Services layoffs

Trying to dump Seniors

TCS is also resorting to other #DISCRIMINATORY tactics for e.g make it a policy not to hit ex- TCS'ers and this is all being carried out in a hush hush way under a close watch of HR. Many groups who would live to hire oldies are at a loss .

Trying to dump Seniors is equally discriminatory and all such tactics will soon boomerang into a nasty battle ...just like e.g. has happened to FLIPKART in recent times ..

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, these unscrupulous indian IT firms are quoting irrationally low billing rates and making techies look like coding coolies.

these Indian IT firm undermined the value of tech work and have enslavement practices to make people wok for 12-14 hours a day.

also there is lot is unethical practice of hiring expert employees into projects and them after project gets into steady state label those senior employee (whose expertise was crucial for project success) as unskilled and fire them after moving them to bench making them wait for 60 days for next assignment.

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Better start reducing population and learning a different skill set in the coming years. Useful tools Car repair, HVAC, Farming, Waste Water Treatment Plant and much more for sustainable living.

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So no new employment being created in the tax exempt SEZ of India. New employees replacing old employee and IT firms making huge profits sans taxes.

Looks like old employees are not being allowed to work on new technologies even they reskill themselves and are found eligible and competent by implicit blockade on hiring seniors by nasscom affiliated companies by citing gap in career

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see the nasty practice indian management. All techies over 35 are considered outdated and fired.

The news press release of top Indian IT services CEO.

urgent need to contain the damage the brick mortar cum tech indian IT players TCS, techm mahindr and wipro as they are trying to bring down slaries to slavery level and exploit the service sector.

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