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Qvc use to be a great company to work for i have been there 5 years now ! But the last year or so they have been doing so many drastic changes to our site its unfair to the workers here at our distribution site in ROCKYMOUNT NC!!! They are forcing people to quit. All these unbearable working conditions no air condition or heat in parts of the warehouse then your hounded to work fast to meet EFFICIENCY STANDARDS THAT ARENT REASONABLE and aren't safe!! The sad part is you are not paid for production!! If you don't meet the new STANDARDS of 95% EFFICIENCY you will be terminated !!!! Our Rockymount site has made this company billions of dollars and now this year QVC Has changed full time employees to FULL TIME VARIABLE , which is basicly now they choose your schedule for u and your on a on call basis. With a 10day in advance notice !! To cutting the attendance points in half , to making you have to work like a slave to be at 95% efficient you don't even have the time to use the restroom as much as u like without them hounding you about gaps in your time !! They may be laying off at one site to make it look good but they are terminating employees here and forcing them out here !! Continuisouly hiring more part time employees to take our place when the work is available we are not being offered layoff or any severance packages and we have been doing all the hard work and its not fair !!!!!!!!

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Laying off the employees that have been there over 10 years and still having a hiring blitz at the local community college, Qurate (as it is now known as) is a ridiculous place to work

Put these people in positions without making them apply for jobs

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the same thing is happing in Lancaster must be happing in all QVC's. they work you like a dog and they don't care. they do what they want too. it change over the year's it was fun to work there not any more. they say fun along the way not any more.

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