Topics regarding layoffs at QVC

Topics regarding layoffs at QVC

Laid off

I was laid off from QVC during a 'corporate reorg and downsizing' a few years back. Hundreds of loyal longterm employees were let go and I was one of them. I'm happier now than ever and I'm glad that I no longer have to endure that place. I wouldn't... —  read more 

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Rich get richer

All the company is about anymore is profits, the sooner everyone realizes it the better. The corporate shell game they have been doing is being exposed and now they have to layoff. More are coming I promise.

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They always layoff the older long term employees, they make alot more money then the new hires, the long term employees are the people that brought them to where they are now. But with QVC its all about money.

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Lay offs are never "ok".

Lay offs are never "ok". I was laid off last year and to this day I still can't find a job. So if you thought the impacted workers are going to be ok they are not. Stop being a corporate mouth piece and try talking to the people who are actually laid... —  read more 

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I know it's hard, but...

I also know that many folks joined QVC last month, we are heavily hiring as well. We are at the point when things are changing and there will be some folks who will lose in the shuffle - QVC has done this before and layoffs are OK if done properly... —  read more 

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