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American Greetings - Pay Issues

Hi All - Anyone here had pay issues while employed at American Greetings? Seriously, it's 2019, and I cannot believe that things like this are happening?


Here is an update on Bardstown's American Greetings layoffs: The layoffs are expected to start on Sept. 7, 2018, this layoff is expected to impact 123 employees. Eight weeks after the first layoff there is a second layoff that will impact seven... —  read more 

American Greetings’ headquarters hit hard

Not sure how many exactly, but this was not a small round, I can tell you that. Part of it were outright layoffs and part were early retirements (those folks got lucky.) It'd be good to know if it is over or if we can expect even more today? Usually... —  read more 

Large Layoffs at AG

More to come. 2019 will be the key year - we may go out of business by then

AG closing Chicago office

American Greetings will close the Chicago Papyrus-Recycled HQ offices in March 2017. This will result in over 100 IL jobs lost.

American Greetings layoffs 2016

That's the rumor that hit the street in late July, I have no additional info, please share if you know more about cuts at AG


It looks like the plans are not developing as we hoped

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Downsizing at AG will not stop soon

AG is not the only company with issues - the whole sector has problems, things are pretty bad for anyone who prints anything today. We were slow to recognize the importance of digital and we did not adjust. We'll pay for that dearly in the long term... —  read more 

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American Greetings layoffs

They have gone through a number of layoffs, hopefully they will find it's direction. They have low pay rate.

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November 2013 Cuts

Over 20 folks were let go from our AG Interactive division back in November, 2014 will be even worse, things are not developing well

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