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Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Update

Over the past month, several of us have been able to piece together some of what is transpiring, despite the fact that our workgroup is not based in the US. Some of this remains rumour, but much is already confirmed and underway. Oracle is, as always, slow to address any of this internally or externally, but rest assured Trained Oracle Spin Monkeys are working overtime to hone their razor-sharp messaging, and a glorious onslaught is planned for January.

Confirmed: Solaris 12 is dead. Some (not all) of the newer Solaris work will be pushed into Solaris 11 "dot releases", starting with 11.4 next year. Solaris priorities going forward: support Cloud, ZFS and ZFSSA, and other tactical initiatives. OpenStack support is relegated now to 'client-only', and Docker will likely never come to fruition in Solaris. General-purpose Solaris and general-purpose SPARC-based server systems are now second-level priorities; expect both to trail off over the next two to three years.

Attempting to shove partially-cooked, disparate pieces of an unfinished major OS release into a minor OS release will be, as can be expected, messy. Full of sound and fury, signifying restructuring, and the continuing gnashing of teeth is full-tilt this weekend, even as this is written.

Confirmed: The successor to the SPARC S7 chip (codenamed 'Sonoma Next' or 'S8') has been shelved indefinitely, as have plans for any systems based on that chip. Current S7-based systems will continue to be sold for now.

Confirmed: SPARC M8 and M9 chips are unaffected for now, and systems based on those are still on schedule - just expect fewer models and fewer options. Expect M-series chips to power the tiny Solaris corner of Oracle's Cloud, not S-series.

Confirmed: Linux "two dot oh" (including Linux on SPARC) was given the go-ahead by Mssr Fowler last month; it will provide the basis for all Oracle Public Cloud "control planes" going forward; Solaris "guest VMs" are still planned as of this writing.

Confirmed: Engineered Systems continue on, to eventually be folded into OPC as Cloud Machines and then Cloud Services.

Still Unclear: The future of Oracle's X86-based systems. Lively execu-level debate on this topic continues, apparently.

Confirmed: Systems customers and 'partners' (see below) will soon be told that they need to (read this in Ahnold's voice) Get Their Asses to the Oracle Cloud. Or else.

Confirmed: Systems' priorities going forward: 1) Cloud, 2) Cloud, 3) Cloud, 4) ZFSSA, 5) Solaris 11 "dot releases", 6) Updating everyone's CV

Confirmed: Systems' hardware and software partners will only be seen as important to Oracle in tactical situations. Or if they resell our products. All right, all right, to be honest what we just stated has been true since Oracle bought Sun, but now Oracle won't try to pretend quite so much. We think.

Confirmed: There are four classes of employee in Systems as of this week: 1) Notified they are probably 'safe' for the moment; 2) Pushed to relocate to other parts of Oracle; 3) Already notified of termination (several China-based Solaris groups, for example); 4) Totally in the dark (meaning that they are likely on the lists turned over to HR this week for termination next month). We have also heard of several key Solaris engineers who have already chosen to leave Oracle of their own accord.

Confirmed: Morale in Oracle Systems Division is at an all-time low. Outside the US (where things can develop much more slowly), we're mostly in the dark and apprehensive. "Continue with your assigned duties," we're told. These are not cheerful times around the office. Concern, anger, hopelessness and confusion all smoulder close to the surface. The most likely scenario at this point has targeted employees not being informed of their demise for at least another 3-5 weeks, so Happy Christmas to us all!

Still Unclear: The extent of near-term terminations. The fifty percent figure actually seems a bit high to us at present, although perhaps the sum of layoffs plus attrition plus reassignment could come close to that. Some organisations will be eliminated, while others are likely to be virtually unaffected for now. Check back with us next summer, won't you?

By the by, in case anyone was curious about something Mssr Hurd failed to mention during Thursday night's earnings call, Oracle Q2 hardware revenue was off another 10% (year over year) to US$1B. In case the "Why" component of all this remains in doubt.

We miss you, Scott.

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Current rumor is that ZFSSA is toast. More engineering cuts, the rest of product management, half of product marketing ...

Nothing happened. Fake news.

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Current rumor is that ZFSSA is toast. More engineering cuts, the rest of product management, half of product marketing now gone.

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OP, do you have any more updates from your last posting?

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85841 views - hahahaha - oh Oracle, cannot hide anything anymore

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Sailing off in the sunset to happily live of the tens of millions he made at oracle doing nothing of value

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Fowler leaves. Anyone knows where is he going?

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As the OP of this thread (and still at Oracle), I can confirm change is already happening inside former Oracle Systems, and even bigger changes coming over the next few weeks. Many 'Systems' orgs are totally in the dark as to what will transpire - those will be the ones hit hardest. Extent and nature of changes really are unknown to most of us.

I'm thinking SPARC and Solaris will soldier on in some degraded capacity. We shall indeed see, won't we?

My one comment is that the All-Company meeting a few weeks ago was likely preparation for the carnage to come...

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Any updates here?

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Sparc is dead let it go.

Whatever advantage they may still have had a few years ago is long gone.

Not competitive by any measure.

Who else is doing sparc? Fujitsu?

Stick a fork in solaris, it's done.

It will survive in the computer museum and may linger around in some legacy applications.

Solaris had their chance to be what Linux is today, but Sun was a day late and a dollar short in opening up the code and when O. took over, they eradicated that hoop dream completely.

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As expected, ended in tears

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This is a really sad story, I wish there was a way to save Solaris

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I learned to be an SA with Solaris, starting in 1995. Over the years I watched it's decline as Linux matured. I also learned that the open source community was way more valuable as an SA when it came to fixing bugs, getting help, etc.

I will not miss Solaris in the least bit.

_ Kevin

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Claim is STK tape dead, anyone has details?

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Anyone has details?

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"Oracle laying off hundreds in Santa Clara"

Oracle this week moved to lay off about 450 employees in its Santa Clara hardware systems division, according to a letter sent to the Employment Development Department.

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200 in China were let go by 3/31.

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@KTCW4qz-xpxo: Santa Clara is definitely affected by large amount. Not sure about east coast.

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Lots of folks let go everywhere in US, a very small fraction in APAC. No clue about UK.

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Anything happened in Burlington and Santa Clara ?

Seems to be radio silent there.

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Yep.. it happened. Lots of movements of bits and pieces to other areas (mostly Linux and LDoms) and lots of people are let go.

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Thursday seems to be Layoff day

I was in one Thursday 08/18/2016

involving a few hundred per document provided

in package

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Lots of my teammates and myself have been asked to meet managers tomorrow. So, this is it !

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My mgr scheduled a 15min 1-1 tomorrow (I am in Solaris group). So I guess, its happening

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It's 18 Jan 17. Did anything happened?

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looks like it's coming true!

see the latest SPARC and Solaris road map posted today.

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This is the oldest story in technology. Hell, I remember it when I worked at Wang Labs! If you're young, find a newer technology and this will be the best thing that ever happened to you. If you're old, good luck! If you're somewhere in the middle, seriously think about going back to school and rebooting your career.

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The way this is being handled is very bad. Different orgs have different approaches on what is being disclosed. Some folks know they are going to be let-go, and their counterparts in other org have no clue whatsoever. At least be gracious enough to inform folks 1 month before they are let go , so that they can start looking for jobs, and cut them free from their day to day duties for the last month. With morale being low, it doesnt seem squeezing that extra work in the last month has any value whatsoever.

Anyways, sayonara Solaris. I truly loved you ! So much better , stable then linux, although in the last few years had become too geeky for GPOS, and of-course couldn't scale in cloud.

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Storage is definitely not going to be affected. They are the money makers in the whole acquisition arena. Both ZFSSA and Pillar make money, and they serve their own niche market, with Pillar focusing on flash storage.

BTW, Pillar is LE's personal investment, so I doubt anything will happen to it. ZFSSA is really popular due to its competitive pricing, so I also doubt anything will happen to it. Solaris will be minimized to only serve for ZFSSA need, that is, if ZFSSA isn't moving to Linux.

STK? Who cares about tapes?

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None I mean NONE of the companies Oracle merged with were ever "integrated".

The managers protected themselves, as is human nature. The amount of time wasted in useless meetings at Oracle boggle the mind. The matrix management style due to the overhang of management .vs. the actual engineers dying actual work is about 80/20. Similar to other "great" organizations. Best of luck.

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Made the news? Link please?

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Apparently made the news. STK Tape dead - 1969-2017 RIP, quite a run for an old technology.

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Don't feel too bad every tech company is going through this same thing. Go ask Intel employees and former. It's a sign of the times. Changing times and change is hard. Time to make new plans.

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isn't Pillar already dead?

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Will Storage be affected by this RIF? If so, which area of Storage is most likely to be affected?

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Don't get mad, get even: contact media and the Pres elect and let them know what's happening :)

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Finda job. Didn't you learn in kindergarten the world is not fair. No one is going to hold your hand through this. Didn't you get paid a lot in your years at Oracle? Did you save? Did your house appreciate in value? You benefited as much as any manager. It's understandable you are angry but at the end of the day its your responsibility and no one else's to sustain yourself and your family. Not LE or any other CEO.

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Here's a question, here in California we have had some meetings with our management team. These f---ing a--holes try to explain why we're going to f--- over your family and so on. Then you have the idiots respond on this sounding board. "Oh be prepared, it's a free market, oh it's business" Funny thing is, any a--hole that says that is a over paid sh-- head manager at Oracle. Why: they didn't get f---ed like a lot of us. And the fact that won't man up "sorry you Hillary supports" or woman up, their cowards; trying to cover their own asses. So bend over, smile, be a "A" s-xual person and take it up the a-- as you get your f---ing check. So f--- you and f--- you.

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So to every manager at Oracle, mostly the f---ing idiots under Solaris development. F--- you.

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