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Moving in the right direction

Things set in motion in the first 100 days of Trumps presidency. Among other steps, he pledged to:

  • Cancel America's commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of US tax dollars to UN climate programs

  • Lift any existing moratoriums on energy production in federal areas

  • Ask TransCanada to renew its permit application to build the Keystone XL Pipeline

  • Revoke policies that impose "unwarranted" restrictions on new drilling technologies

  • Save the coal industry

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drill baby drill. more drilling is the better. is it getting us in this trouble because of more drilling?

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Sure, why not? Let's screw our planet even more. Who cares about the damage we are doing as far as we can keep drilling...

There is a reason why the rest of the world is moving away from hydro-carbons and it's a shame that the US is not leading this change.

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The coal industry is a dead industry in terms of growth or profits. There may still be a few companies that need to stay around in order to supply electric utility power plants. However, they won't make much money and will work lean - less people, no raises, older equipment, etc. You cannot fight the tide. 1) The price of solar has dropped 30% in the past year and is increasingly being installed to replace conventional hydrocarbon energy systems. 2) The Netherlands has banned the sale of combustion engine (hydrocarbon) powered vehicles starting in 2020. While it is a small country it could just be the tip of the iceberg.

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He may even be worse. And, I didn't think that was possible. We are so f'ed.

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F--- Trump, he will be like the Bush administration, stay tuned.

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Trump ryhmes with dump which is exactly what america will be when he done with it!

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You are too stupid for words.

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