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Either your in the Click or Not.

I'm not.. If i am away from my Cube for more than 5 minutes and do not have a good reason, I could be written up or even fired. WOW

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that's so funny.. all of my work is done really quick in the day and no more coming. do you have work?? be glad cause i sure wish i had the work i use to have. WoW.. you must be a part of management!! lol

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No they fire you cause you weren't doing any work while at the cubicle. If you feel so right, go report it to HR instead of complaining on an anonymous website.

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i agree. If you are not part of the rich and famous you and just someones dirty side kick. its a shame how some people can do and say what they want but it gets turned around on the person who didn't do anything. WoW.. I guess this is the life of and NOV side kick.

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There are all kinds of opportunities at NOV. They will throw money at you to keep going, and stand by you, but when times turn bad and if your not of the correct background, or with friends in the correct circles, you are out just excess baggage. It will be interesting to see how they do with the increased percentage slackers they have left when the price of oil goes up. There are still a lot of good people at NOV, but very few managers that know how to manage. Bad setup for big company.

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There are no professional development opportunities at NOV.

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Micro manager? Use your time at work on professional development... i.e., look for another job.

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If they fire someone they save the layoff package.

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consider this as a courtesy warning to buy you some time. many others did not have such luxury.

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