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Express Scripts Tempe (cut back maybe...)


so i listened to this

some dunderhead actually recorded it and did a bad job on the audio but whatever

some things,

i like how one of the questions posed which is "is night shift going away?" the manager answering it dodged it initially, its also disturbing to me cause in that employee's tone it seems like its happened before. secondly they'd save alot of money by eliminating night shift they wouldn't have to worry about thresholds so much

they talk about the projections they are foreseeing in 2017 what if it doesn't happen more layoffs???

the renovation means nothing it could mean 50/50 of two things ... 1 there is an investment at the tempe site or 2 they're getting ready to sell it. (there fixing everything to include the duct work)

the fact that there has been a shake up... our pharmacy director is going to the backend, which is our warehouse.... and the call center director is our new pharmacy director, i have a feeling they are going merge the two positions together

idk what do you guys think

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