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The Unholy Trinity of Unum Outsourcing

Now introducing Unum's unholy trinity of outsourcing on what is going cost several thousand US employees their jobs over the next two years.

  1. CEO -

  2. CSO - (who interestingly removed his picture yesterday...)

  3. Axeman -

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More than a trinity. To see the shadow cabal at the heart of Unum's outsourcing betrayal, look here:

To view the marionettes whose strings are paid their "price" by the cabal, look here:

First: Deceptive appearance of a slack jawed yokel is the black hearted dictator -

Second: Wearing the painted smile of "The Joker" -

Third: Defending "The more you get, the more you want" crew is -

Fourth: Vapid, genuflecting yes-man -

Fifth: The propaganda minister -

Sixth: The "wet work" specialist -

Seventh: The "orchestraitor" of the complex outsourcing plan -

Eighth: The grifter -

One of many others who "go along to get along" -

Please add more of the "go alongs to get alongs" as you come across them.

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I don't know how these people can look in the mirror or live with themselves. Selling out America one job at a time, or in this case, hundreds at a time. Making a living by destroying American families and communities. Rumor control reports IT is on the chopping block as we speak and the Benefits area is in the cattle run to be slaughtered next.

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don't forget about the Executive VP,, who is our Chief Supply Officer's manager. And don't forget about the CIO,

They are just as culpable as the newly promoted Chief Supply Officer,

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Another gear in the Unum outsourcing machine -

Interesting timing with all that happened in the IRS while she was employed there.

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Another cog in the Unum outsourcing machine:

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Careful with names here, that's against the site rules. You can check their rules in the footer. You risk all your posts getting nuked and your IP blocked. Just sayin'

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Guilty on all charges of high treason.

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