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I just wanted to put a little light out there to everyone and let them know that there is hope after being laid off. It has been exactly one year to the day that the office I worked in heard of the upcoming mass-layoffs for the office. It was a day of shock and fear for many. However, since I have been a participant in this type of "rodeo" before, I knew that it was a matter of time and things would work out.

This morning I just sent my signed job offer documents to my new employer and am happy to report that my salary will be even better than what I was making at NOV. No, I am not an engineer either. I am so grateful to be able to pull another rabbit out of my hat and get another chance at working for a big-name employer.

Everyone, have faith that for those of you who will be receiving lay-off notices in early January (I have heard this as fact), that yes, times may be very dark for many of you for a while, but that those dark times will not last if you keep at the job search and believe in yourself. Don't give up and don't settle for any old employer / job. Be patient and wait for the position / pay that you deserve.

Be a good person of integrity and character...

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And I know all the games you play

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Before I give my heart away

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But I've got to think twice

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Has got a body like you

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I know not everybody

by | Post ID: @LadFTtN-1uvx

If I could touch your body

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Just s--- up to the boss and kiss a--, you might get a settlement that surprises you. Depends on how much they want rid of you.

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You don't 'DESERVE' any position or pay. It is generally a function of how much effort you put into your career that determines those variables. Good integrity and character definitely helps.

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Eloy, you're a cold hearted bastard

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Well I guess it would be nice

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Shut da hell up, we have lots of work not worried of lay off you need to since youre not needed and easily replaced

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