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I'm based out of Hopkinton and here are the general numbers/dates we are hearing as of today.

Expected total 20-25% cut for DellEMC employees (this includes product/departmental cuts that extend beyond the dates listed below)

Expected 10-15% cut inside the Enterprise & Mid-range Storage Division (VMAX/VNX)

Hopkinton building 228 (EMSD) to get hit 1/11/17

Hopkinton building 176 (EMSD) to get hit 1/12/17

Most managers are being abnormally hush about the topic this time around so I'm generally expecting broad cuts affecting a much wider range of teams than normal in the engineering areas. No one is safe.

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I heard some EMC federal people were cut.

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Maybe getting laid off is better - the new Dell pay 'model' for field SE's looks like a 30% pay cut for the bulk of the team....unless you have a big bank or multinational.......

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Just found a new job (for more money even) at another company after being with EMC for almost two years. SO glad that I got out before the tsunami washes over EMC.

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Many people were let go from the VMAX product.

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dssd hit late november.

more to come.

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Hopefully Just Getting Started!

Good to see they are starting to flush out the sewage pipes of worthless layers of nothing in Hopkinton and Santa Clara. Hopefully they aim for similar stuff in Atanta, Dallas, and Chicago. Let's also hope the axe doesn't stop until every "Senior Director of Looking Important and Traveling Senselessly on the Company Dime" is flushed out. Marketing, HR, product "managers", "presales" managers...drop the axe on 'em all and make them go get jobs where they actually have to PRODUCE results and not just focus on the company's cultish "personal branding" silliness.

All the while VMAX3 - it's FLAGSHIP product and what started the company - shipped without FICON for mainframe...the very reason the thing was invented. But don't worry - it's the foundation of "Cloud"...that's why AWS, Azure, Google run so many of them- oh, nevermind.

And keep shutting buildings down - I could never understand how the company could pay for leases on so many places that appeared to be 2% occupied throughout the day, other than to make the incestuous and conniving sales management feel important. It was a well run company - right into the arms of a mercy killing. Good riddance.

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They hit a few in SOBO - I was hit - I was remote because my "NEW" boss was in Austin. Was told earlier in the week I would be getting project but when you see your name/role deletion notice on a Sat -- I knew something was up. Sobo does not have any signage and we were told there would be rolling layoffs through June/July.

Observation - The Wednesday of the week of pay date.

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@mvg - thanks for this - I missed that storry

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I wish I could upvote your comment!

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Jeremy Burton is looking like a creepy melted wax figurine of late. It's only a matter of time until MSD shows that overpaid dork the door.

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In a merger like this, the top brass are often contracted for a year (or so) to try and give an impression of stability to the rest of the world. While Dell may be private, and thus not have to answer to stockholders, others are watching and would notice a mass exodus (voluntary or otherwise) of the senior (or so) leadership. Start watching this time next year to see who leaves at the upper ranks.

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There were numerous layoffs in 2016 in preparation for the acqusition. This is just the 2017 version. More to come. Anyone who looks at the revenue per employee number understands how grave the situation is.

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And, yet, Jeremy Burton still has a job. Amazing.

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176 was definitely hit yesterday. And ongoing today.

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Working 176, haven't seen anyone hit from my area this week yet, but will keep an eye out

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We Have a new year's breakfast meeting tomorrow for the field teams.

We'll see if they let them at least get breakfast.

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If they think there is even a remote chance of you making s stink they will do it over the phone. I already know of one case where this happened and the person was even in the office once a week. Mgmt and HR have no qualms getting it over as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Remote workers? Depends if it's a one day scenario. Then they'll get you the next day in the office. If you are long-term remote, depending on the distance, they'll call you in to the office for a "Communications Meeting." If you are long distance remote, they will do it over the phone and then by certified mail.

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Anyone know how do remote workers get notified?

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I know someone that got walked out the door from bldg. 176 so I guess they are sweeping both buildings 176 and 228 today 1/11/17. Good luck to all.

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I wonder why they are laying off so many emplouees from the vmax team, has it reached the end of the road?

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Old but relevant

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