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Everyone there are fighting to keep jobs, not advance the company

MS business is in trouble. They have to get COS down and innovation up. The same crappie management that existed under Ballmer is still running the place into the ground. Windows is already irrelevant, office COS is easy two high E5 is a fail. Voice could have been a hero, but MS doss not capitalize when they could of due to flipping ty he field voice over and over, now AWS and Google both have offerings that are simpler.

Office will move to $0 as Google will not stop and only Excel is stopping that dam from breaking at the moment. Mobile Fail. Azure is behind and still not making money, also losing big customers, confidence and markets hare, do not believe what you are told go pull the 10Q of AWS and MS and read it for yourself. Dynamics is what 3% marketshare? Going after Salesforce? Sounds like iPhone battle again to me.

What's left? Surface? Nice device no one cares about. Book? 40% New mandates about diversity while having to lower staff...the behavior from stack rank is not gone it has gotten worse. Lies to kill off those that threaten. Attach to good ideas until they are overburdened and die.

What innovation? Halogens? Where can I buy one. Samsung will be in the market soon. PS/4 won. Kinect is over.

The company was over when Ray Ozzie left. Everyone there are fighting to keep jobs, not advance the company. Complacency and mediocrity are rampant.

Satya moves the stock, but it is built on a silicon valley style that will fall apart because revenue actually matters.

KTM leaving good? Call that the canary leaving the coal mine. He had better offers previously. He knew when to go.

Jump out be pushed off that titanic.

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To: The company was over when Ray Ozzie left

Almost...a bit before that, Ray did try with a few talented outsiders to drive change but again, all got sick and tired of the old guard running the place into the ground - the mostly talentless Ballmer set that rode the coattails of others, do not deserve the jobs or wealth that they have. They keep promoting each other, killing innovation in it's tracks, and knocking off anyone that comes in from the outside that is smarter than them - which is almost everyone they hire, except for the "I checked the box" privileged set that I have seen quite a few of that are also dragging the place down. You see it in the Leadership Development programs and in the product teams, big time in HR, and on and on and is embarrassing. When I came in from the outside, I was stunned to learn of so many incompetent people that worked there, that were unfirable, that do not have command of basic business language, or how to even do simple math. yep, these people are running the place for sure. Gotta love MSIT...the sweet spot of dumb and dumber leadership and has been for years.

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This is become a horrible company to work for. Always having to boost diversity, and hiring people based upon their skin color and gender and not on merit. They might as well put up a big sign to say we are an anti-white male company because that is exactly what they are saying. Do not work here and if you do work here try as hard as you can to get out.

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The company was over when Ray Ozzie left

So true

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