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unethical practices in Indian IT services firms - writo PMO

Large scale layoff of senior employee who are have over 10 years experience stagnated in their career in roles like PM, Test manager, PMO, Release manager, Test lead, proposal, pre sales , support , resourcing etc are being laid off as these employees draw higher salaries and add almost same value as people with less exp who are waiting to move to these roles.

Since companies dont have any higher roles to utlize their experience there is a glut of skills in these roles who draw higher salary each year without any increase in responsibility/ or niche skill

Instead of slowing down hikes are rationalizing pay, seniors arebeing labelled as outdated and being fired.

This going on since 2015 in TCS, Tech mahindra , Syntel and many other companies but it happening on regular daily basis silently by moving the identified individuals to bench and allowing them to age and remove all business risk and one fine morning the guys get call to meet HR and asked to put in papers to save themselves from being labelled as incompetent(threat to mention lay off of performance grounds in letter etc) by resigning voluntarily.

From 2015 on wards It sector in India has laid off almost 50000 employees who are in the age band of 35-50 years , to boost profit margins.

government is considering scrapping the tax breaks given to IT sector but is hesitating due to lack of evidence of layoff as this involuntary attrition is not provable.

if u notice this please write to PMO(Prime ministers office) highlighting the problem of unethical practices.

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I'm an American IT worker that was outsourced by you dot heads. Good riddance to you all.

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This is cent percent true, Wipro follow very bad practice and many senior treated worst manner

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feudalism and all Indian tech workers are Indentured servants

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these unscrupulous indian IT firms are quoting irrationally low billing rates and making techies look like coding coolies.

these Indian IT firm undermined the value of tech work and have enslavement practices to make people wok for 12-14 hours a day.

also there is lot os unethical practice of hiring expert employees into projects and them after project gets into steady state label those senior employee (whose expertise was crucial for project success) as unskilled and fire them after moving them to bench making them wait for 60 days for next assignment.

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