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What's sad is the misinformation out there and rumor mill. Yes some of the Medtronic products are transitioning to other locations. Very normal in the manufacturing environment and very needed for large companies to manage their costs.

Especially with less intricate products where it makes sense to move them to more efficient locations. What's not being said is the growth that we are experiencing at the Boulder location with the introduction of new, excellent, sophisticated products and the need to increase headcount to manage those products.

no Domino effect going on here!!

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@7auv - totally agree - we are still hiring and laying off at the same time - no need to tell, less paid folks are always more welcome than us old-timers especially if we have been acquired.

HR continues to play the game and paint us as a 'high growth' company but the fact is that we've been consistently laying off people in multiple groups

my two cents only

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More pr trolls

What is sad is holding job fairs telling people to come here knowing you will fire them

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