Thread regarding Whole Foods Market Inc. layoffs

Warning to Whole Foods employees: Quit now. Quit before the Amazon a--hole takeover

Every single person I've ever met that worked for Amazon HQ is an a--hole. Grade-A, textbook, a--hole. Workaholics, no personality, mean, arrogant, evil a--holes Headed by the #1 a--hole in America, Jeff Bezos.

Get out. Get out now. Even Sears is better. Just go. Don't look back. A--hole hurricane 6.0 ahead.

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I listened to you bro! Got out and more than doubled my salary! I feel bad for this last batch of layoffs. The job market is terrible right now.

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You were warned.

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It is happening and everyone in the store is scared. Folks dropping like flies! Welcome to the new Wal Mart of grocery stores. I actually think it may be worse. At least at Walmart the try to help you.

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This is the life for unskilled workers in any organization, in any industry. Get over it, and earn a degree or learn a trade. I promise you none of this will ever change - change yourself. I worked in retail for 10 years before finally improving myself its day and night after leaving retail.

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They're nasty! Job fair, orientation, training-- Right down the line, in that order. The evidence is there. You, the low wage earning employee, are a desperate slave, accepting 4 hour shifts with the employers option to take an hour or add an hour at their discretion. Keep in mind- you were hired without an interview; this reveals, they are who they are, and you discover you are who you are- will you stay or will you go?

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This partnership is the greatest thing that ever could have happened. We're all Amazonians now so you might as well just submit to Lord Bezos and take your microchip.

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Wow!! I knew it wasn't me, I just had no idea there was so much of IT. Glad to know. I didn't know how to tell them. But clearly, THEY'RE NO SECRET.

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You're going to hate it.

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We will be fine , this the best thing can happen . No one losing there job, wfm will be great and tm!!!

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-tmn, not a single thing you said was a bad thing.

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If you thought working at WFM is bad now, wait until the efficiency experts come in and decimate your departments. Amazon is run by people that know what they are doing, and they will be merciless with their vivisection, replacing you with all sorts of nifty technology. First they will come for the crusty old hippies. No one needs a emphysema-ed old hippy making their breakfast tacos. In between coughing fits and the need to change their oxygen tank, you'll thank Amazon for replacing these losers with a touchscreen ordering system. Next they will come for the younger WFM lifers that are maxed out in pay. That $14.33 you spent a decade to get to will be slashed to $10.00. Remember, you work in a grocery store. Then, they'll come for the cliquish bull dykes that tend to dominate ASTL and STL ranks. These are angry people that smoke dope with regional vice-presidents and have somehow wormed there way up to "the top". They make way too much money for their education and show it by buying expensive vehicles, tattoos and body piercings. Once these people are gone, Amazon will replace another 1/3 with aisle kiosks and robots. AI will replace the 'knowledgeable' TM on the floor. Instead of some b---s--- answer based on shaky facts, AI robots and drones will hover and scurry past customers, answering all of their annoying f---ing questions without any attitude or drug-addled, hungover lethargy. The humans that are still on the floor will be zombies, stocking product on the shelves directed by an Amazon robot. Eventually, the stores that never have customers in them will be shuttered and in those cities, customers will have to buy WFM product on (ha ha!). Finally, an army of killer drones armed with hippy BO and patchouli will hunt down John Mackey and remove him from his perch. Bezos will then teabag him and launch him into space where he can discover what love really is.

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Everyone's going on about how wicked amazon is...cmon...they ain't work environment is an nasty as wfm ...wait till they get a load of Whole Foods nastier work force out there

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glad i quit this time last year. we all knew this was coming.

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This is 100% truth. The former whole foods corporate and regional bigwigs will get a golden parachute while the average TM will get discarded like a piece of trash, or used up and have their humanity stripped away first THEN discarded like a piece of trash. That is Amazon.

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