Thread regarding Whole Foods Market Inc. layoffs

The "perfect" model form Amazon's "customer-centric" approach: No Employees

Amazon introduced the go store only a few months ago, the "perfect" model of their "customer-centric" model-- a store where no interaction with someone who might show an emotion might possibly be interpreted a wrong way.

They are proud of the fact that these stores will only employ around 10 and only work 3-5 per shift.

Whole Foods has tried to create a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers, but they have consistently had problems with the emotional and physical needs of their workers. It's an incredible burden upon payroll to pay for folks to drink water or coffee and go to the bathroom or god forbid, have to eat something. And then, they tell the customers, which makes both leadership and those precious consumers uncomfortable..

What remains of most WF jobs will be a warehouse-type scenario, just as amazon has done for online commerce. Automated stores will be "innovative and fun" for tourists looking for a kombucha and hummus wrap, but grocery shopping as it is will become SO less burdensome and painful when you pay online and have someone you feel sorry for drop it off on the porch while you gaze disdainfully out the window at the loser you're so grateful not to have to talk to anymore. "Tsk, tsk, should've pulled themselves up by their bootstraps when they had a chance," you'll say, shaking your head, setting the bags on the counter.

Then, unpacking what looks to be your complete order, you will suddenly begin to tremor as a you realize you have been sent three REGULAR kiwis, not GOLDEN kiwis, like you ordered. "How in the F--- Is my fruit salad supposed to stand out at the playdate with regular, sh--ty, green kiwis, like regulars eat?!" You scream at your cat, who, used to these outbursts, strolls into the living room nonchalantly.

You aggressively take out your iPhone and give your experience the poorest rating it allows, and hope that some fat loser loses what's left of what was once a decent livelihood, beside, after all, you are f---ing worth it.

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That plus this is bezos vision for grocery.

Am I the only one holding hope another bid from kroger comes.

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