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Future of Etsy

This round of cuts is not the last but it's huge for Etsy as we don't have much staff, so even a small number of job loses turns things upside down....

The mood is fairly subdued and people are worried - this is true for EVERY SINGLE PERSON I WORK WITH.

We've had some voluntary departures as well and all of this is making things much worse - work loads double and people are exhausted and stressed.

It also depends on a team you work on, some teams are affected more than others - some managers are better organized and some of them do not know how to manage time, budget, timelines and ABOVE ALL - PEOPLE. I get that we need to reward talent but maybe sometimes promoting those folks who have good tech skills but poor people skills is not the best thing we can do.

Add to this an absolute nuts areer progression system (if I can call it such) than you have a mix in which you cannot advance at normal speed (while you are paid poorly - dont start me on this as I KNOW FOR SURE that we pay below market).

And, with all of this - the mix is bad - and things do not look good for Etsy... We are afraid of sellers it's like they own us and the legal team acts like they own the place - the stiffle growth and creativity.

There you have it. There is no future here.

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I left in May - they know who I am, I might as well list my name here.

Etsy is getting what they deserve - they are unorganized and plagued with passive aggressive managers that do not know how to lead.

And yes, nobody likes working there any more - everyone is afraid they'll lose jobs.

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Also, should have never went public. That messed things up due to Wall Street pressures and the need to please analysts and investors. We cannot grow if we follow this as they are cost conscious, and there is no growth without spending money.

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