Topics regarding layoffs at Etsy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Etsy Inc.

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When there were layoffs at Etsy back in 2017, one of the unintended consequences were that a lot more people quit voluntarily afterwards. Attrition was a lot higher than expected. I have to believe that the people who remain are not all going to want... —  read more 

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The strike has started!

I know this will hurt many of us but something needs to be done. Etsy is profiting from our work while providing us with the bare minimum in return. The latest increase in fees is simply ridiculous. How are we supposed to make ANY money like this?... —  read more 

Job security?

I have a job offer from Etsy and one of the things I'm trying to determine before I accept is whether there's job security. I'm leaving my current job for the lack of it, so I don't want to end up in the same position. From what I can see here and... —  read more 

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Jobs lost

Too bad, Etsy was always fun and easy website to search for items as well as an inspiration for creative living. I hope nothing will change after the layoffs.

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Second time of job cuts

It's the second wave of job cuts. If we combine earlier layoffs from May that would give us 20% reduction. They will cut about 200 jobs mostly in marketing, management, general and administrative departments. Their stock went up after the... —  read more 

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Future of Etsy

This round of cuts is not the last but it's huge for Etsy as we don't have much staff, so even a small number of job loses turns things upside down.... The mood is fairly subdued and people are worried - this is true for EVERY SINGLE PERSON I WORK... —  read more 


Things will get worse, so let's watch how it develops:

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