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India’s worst engineers come from the city that sends the most STEM students to the US

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India's caste system will never change ever. India is stuck in the past and clinging on the never ending road of ruins

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If u evet worked intechmahindra in pune and mumbai officez and observec marathi brahmins u wilk see that they are listed in system as top performance ratings and behavious records thT make lord ram go shy.

Inreality they are all fake performers who stole credit o

for achievements of hyderbadis after moving them to bench . Fake performers more dangerous than fake exp.

Many of these rats having entrenched themselves in hr rmg and performance mangement have tKen control of the company whcih is all set to go down the drain inthe next two years.

There is reason top mgmt intech is kerping techm hyd insulated from these fake brahmins.

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Mumbai has worlds largest brothel, worst mafia ,

Most whitew collar criminals, most unsrucpulous business men, and most tax evaders, counter fieters, biggest smugling rings, human traffikers.

Look at yournown dirty under belly before throwing mud on ciry that sends most genuine techies to indian it.

else Try hiring laidbaxk techies from pune mumbai colleges and see the industry crumble.

Paid news can help the laidback lazy manipulative laggard folks of maharashtra.

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