Thread regarding Medtronic Inc. layoffs

Medtronic Diabetes layoffs (June 2017)

Any updates on job cuts?

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Interesting re: catering to "leftist." If they are such lefties I would think they would love places like southern California and wouldn't do all the layoffs and transfers they've done from there to right-wing nut job land Texas. I mean geeesh! Their businesses anywhere in Los Angeles city limits (like Northridge offices) have to pay a corporate revenue tax to the city (yep on their revenue not net income after expenses), in addition to state and federal corporate taxes. Sorry but that's loco and lefties would love that and stay in SoCal rather than go to Texas.

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They are weeding out good ppl due to not wanting to give raises.. They have been mistreating their employees & under paying them ever since they came to town. They have really been catering g to leftist & if they know you're not, they target you & push you out. They have let go of dozens in past month.

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