Thread regarding TATA Consultancy Services layoffs

Layoff thro forced resignation and prevent rehire any where else-Nasty

Nasty practices of Indian Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies.

to prevent fired senior employees from getting jobs in other Tier1 and Tier 2 companies have come to informal agreement and shared the database and are not hiring senior employees even if they have reskilled with latest tech - Bigdata, machine learning, IOT etc.

Stone walling tactics like gaps, why u resigned without job ? how did u learn new tech etc are being used.

When a senior government official enquired on behalf of his relative, the reason given was even more nasty - Since one nasscom member has labelled the person(falsely) as non performer(by manipulating data) if other company hire the company which fired him will be proven wrong, so the syndicatehas decided to use enmasse bluffing to boost profits.

In association with NASSCOM the great Indian Ter 1 and tier 2 IT outsourcing companies are implementing a plant to fool the government.

They fist decided to fire empployees above 40 years of age and in testing, release management support, project management roles etc who dont have any specific product back ground and replace them with freshers and newly promoted employees.

Next year they fire all the newly promoted people claiming high cost.

The middle manager like delivey managers delivery heads, VPs are firing ground level Team leader and project manager and showing cost savings and reaping huge bonuses.

Cognizant was first to wake up fired the upper middle managers through VRS scheme.

See these parasites get one year pay (average of 70 lakh each) and ground level employees with 40K take homme get a paltry 10k(2 month basic ) as compensation.

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this is correct, almost all the fired employees eventhos with strong tech skill and architects are facing who have been forced out are facing same problems.

A head hunter recently revealed that they have complete list of fired people (even through companies claim its is voluntary resignation).

It seems they are convincing saying since they are unable to create new employment as promised by modi government they are helping modi by firing old people and hiring new to create illusion of new jobs created.

Same is being proposed in government jobs also, to fire those above 50 and create space for new employees.

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