Thread regarding Quest Software Inc. layoffs

There is no job security at Quest

Shortly after I joined the my team it became clear to me that Dell was about to sell Quest.... Noone had indicated or disclosed that during the interview process as I was joining the company.

There was a lot of unknown things hanging up in the air, and a lot of people looking for other positions due to the uncertainty and a ton of anxiety was there.

There have been multiple rounds of layoffs at Quest - management has no say in who gets laid off - they say this and I believe them.

You can be absolutely killing it at your position and still be laid off - it's that brutal - 1000% brutal.

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I see quest future in dark, if you are a startup company then strive for that.

Come everyday for work, not remotely siting somewhere.

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Louis Cypher , amen to that. It's clear from the moves that KACE is next ... not that it will be a bad thing for the ones involved, hardly anything could be worse than be the afterthought of the company. As far as management is concerned, it's true that we line managers see nothing of the layoff ... it's the BU president and the monkeys in their team that handle it all , and it's going on right now.

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Remember that Quest is now owned by "vulture" capitalists. They got sold a bill of goods from Dell and once they realized it, they changed the strategy from "try to grow a software company" to "try to save what we can". This led to the company being sliced up into four nice "disposable" business units. Kace has already been cut down to life support so is now ready to be sold off. Information Management is probably next on the chopping block. The rest will follow shortly after. If you look at the CEO bio, he has never built anything. He's more like the guy who goes to the junk yards, finds something, puts some paint/polish on and sells it for a profit. Layoffs will continue to be the norm, not the exception.

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