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Western Union is wasting money at every turn

Makes no sense to sell land we own, with 2 buildings recently remodeled, to ONE building we LEASE in the DTC. Dumb move, even if they are selling to housing developers. Then again, money is wasted everywhere we turn. Sponsoring two professional sports teams while laying off hundreds? What a slap in the face to the employees. Parties in Denver with booze? Id rather have my job and a salary then parties or pretty colored walls with "modern" decor, thank you very much. The announcement of the move with so little detail was designed to kill morale, the more people who voluntarily leave = less severance to pay once they sell the company. Leaders are going to run with their golden parachutes and let the rest of sink. We are prepping for a sale, the writing is on the wall.....

This was posted by @OP5zpVn-5xbz, I believe she/he hit the nail on the head. Get rid of stupid sponsorships and all the other unnecessary perks, but keep your hardworking employees! What is happening right now is a travesty.

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Rumor is that HE needed a private powder room. Going in the crapper for a crapper. Doo good.

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They are pinching pennies at all wrong places - whats up with almost zero pay increases.

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