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Oracle To Add 1,000 Employees in Cloud Push After Stellar Quarter

Hell is too good for these Oracle execs

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Former Sun here. There was a college recruitment program back in those days called "Best of the Best". Known as "BoBs". Those folks came in through the Support org and ended up working all over the company. Others went on to do great achievements at other companies. THAT was a real college recruitment plan. The hordes of fresh faced sales droids that came in waves after 2010 were just fodder for the oracle wood chipper.

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hahahahaaaaaaaa @OkGQDA2-nso they would dream of 40K you probably have no clue what they pay in other countries then USA. In Romania for example Oracle Support engineers get about 70K lei which is 15K euro is equal to about 17K dollar per year.

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14,000 people have been laid off since June 1, 2016

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oracle's PR strategy is the opposite of microsoft.

there is no mention of any layoffs or downsizings or "rightsizings".

its all slight of hand.

makes you wonder what else they aren't telling you, the investor.

sneaky sneaky.

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Romania & Malaga?

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Any mention of the 6000 or so that got layed off or quit in that article?

"Oracle takes 2 steps forward - no mention of the 5 steps back"

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Is it ever!

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"Stellar quarter"

Mother of God Wall Street is easy to fool...

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Even if these college grads do take these jobs, the word is out, they won't stay long. A recruiter told me directly that the applicants for the "MH class of" program these days are the bottom of the barrel. After the first two years of the program all of the top students figured it out and let their college recruiters know. Only do the kids know, but the schools know too.

Churn churn churn...

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You can fool some people some of the time, but 1,000 of them, come on, not happening. Oracle is doomed to die as people leave and nobody new wants to join b/c it it's terrible reputation for abusing employees

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No kidding, good luck finding 1,000 masochistic fools who haven't heard what a f:ed up company oracle is. Shows you how totally clueless the 3 stooges are

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1,000 new college hires sound about right, all probably making $40k a year.

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ROTFL. What a crock.

Oracle think they are beating the truth with a PR spin game. Tick tock -- time is running out on the lies.

( + hiring is difficult to impossible. No one wants to work at oracle the database company masquerading as a cloud software co. )

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Those of you in Europe, could you please alert the European authorities to oracles's discriminatory conduct and ask them to investigate. :)

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The article states that the hiring is for “Europe, the Middle East and Africa as it expands its cloud computing services in the region.”

Still, the emphasis on 2-6 years of experience in “sales, management, finance, recruitment, marketing and human resources roles” suggests junior level roles, to say the least. In a bean-counting “conservative” profession like finance, nobody in their right mind would give a newbie a senior role. But, hey, this is Oracle, which is run by people who have lost their minds.

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LE and MH like them young, not clear that the feelings are mutual

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"The company is looking for workers with between two to six years of experience to staff sales, management, finance, recruitment, marketing and human resources roles for its cloud computing service, Oracle said Tuesday."

Sounds like nobody over 30 need apply.

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