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Be careful in the southern offices

One can and will be thrown under the bus by managers and seniors if and when benefits them.

Although all the good things you hear about the big 4 companies are true, the bad are true as well.

Personally I was discriminated against for being LGBT - this was constant; I spoke to HR and filed an ethics complaint only to be told to get over it.

The result was, long term my, career at PwC was limited.

Be careful when you speak up in the southern offices; the main firm policy may be inclusion, but the actual practice varies from office to office.

It's sad, but our southern offices are still not as progressive as the rest of the firm.

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They so all this show about diversity, internally it is a hot mess. Very hard for non whote folks to rise to the ranks. Hot interns progress faster than men. Women partners stick to women as favorites—to me any intern who sticks enough to become a partner is a looser.

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How true! PwC base everything on relationships which is a crock. People gravitate to those they're comfortable with, meaning whites with whites etc. people who may be best for an assignment are overlooked because they are not in the relationship group. If you're an experienced hire be aware PwC talks the talk but do not walk the walk. As mentioned above HR folks are of no use. They are company drones, and provide no help with any situations or problems. Too bad! I've seen really great people leave the company. I've also seen work done that provides no value. For the die hard PwCers it is fake it until you make it...if they ever do. The egos are firmly ingrained, and the belief is all industries are like manufacturing, and if you try to explain the difference you are seen as impeding progress. If you are with them, good luck!

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