Topics regarding layoffs at PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Topics regarding layoffs at PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

PWC Funds Insurrectionists

Today we all learned that PWC funds and supports insurrection and the Great 2020 Lie through campaign contributions to politicians who openly threaten our democracy. Good work at the continuing efforts to sell what little is left of the company's... —  read more 

Adding 100K headcount @ PwC

Financial Times: If Paywalled: PwC will increase its global headcount by more than a third over the next five years as part of a $12bn investment in... —  read more 

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Salaries are being changed

Compensation Watch ’20: PwC Making Mid-Year Salary Adjustments For Everyone Compensation Watch '20: PwC Making Mid-Year Salary Adjustments For Everyone. by Jason Bramwell. Christmas came early for those donning the orange... —  read more 

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PwC Canada Tax announced this week: - All staff can partake in the “voluntary” scheme of working 80% of the time and being paid 80% of their usual salary plus a 4% bonus upon completing this 5 months scheme starting from July 2020. - They... —  read more 

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Had a call recently... this was a firm wide for assurance and there were no lay offs. Live to die [on the inside] another day

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PwC 2017 layoffs

PwC planning more layoffs in 2017 for those working for the following: -Forensics -Financial Crimes Unit -Financial Services risk advisory Please share what you know.

PwC Forensics layoffs

Anyone has more info on what's happening with the Forensics group - I heard job cuts, but many people say it's not and that things are safe. I am not sure, please post if you have any info. I know some of the competitors have empty pipelines (I work... —  read more 

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HIA Layoffs (June 2016)

That's the rumor, HIA's been hit before and people are talking about possible new cuts very soon - as soon as June 2016 - you never know but I've seen so many rumors materialize, so nothing can surprise me right now as it relates to PwC and layoffs... —  read more 

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Advisory group cuts

If you are not staffed and sitting on the bench right now you might have a big problem - the rumor is that we'll be cutting folks in March, so get busy ASAP

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