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Be careful in the southern offices

One can and will be thrown under the bus by managers and seniors if and when benefits them. Although all the good things you hear about the big 4 companies are true, the bad are true as well. Personally I was discriminated against for being LGBT -... read more

Financial Crimes Unit (FS Advisory) Layoffs

I worked for PWC's Financial Crimes Unit (FS Advisory) and was notified today (6/5/17) would be my last day with one month's severance. I was told performance was the reason but that doesn't match my body of work. From an earlier call with my HR rep... read more

PwC 2017 layoffs

PwC planning more layoffs in 2017 for those working for the following: -Forensics -Financial Crimes Unit -Financial Services risk advisory Please share what you know.

PwC Forensics layoffs

Anyone has more info on what's happening with the Forensics group - I heard job cuts, but many people say it's not and that things are safe. I am not sure, please post if you have any info. I know some of the competitors have empty pipelines (I work... read more

HIA Layoffs (June 2016)

That's the rumor, HIA's been hit before and people are talking about possible new cuts very soon - as soon as June 2016 - you never know but I've seen so many rumors materialize, so nothing can surprise me right now as it relates to PwC and layoffs... read more

How about 2016

Since no PwC posts on 2015 were entered.
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PWC 2015 layoffs

So, no posts about 2014, how about 2015. We all know a major reorg is coming so what do you think about cuts.
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Advisory group cuts

If you are not staffed and sitting on the bench right now you might have a big problem - the rumor is that we'll be cutting folks in March, so get busy ASAP
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pricewaterhousecoopers 2014 layoffs

I heard that we'll have a reorg and that we'll be moving people internally. I also hear that our target is to cut around 3% of internal work force, so not sure if anybody has additional details but that's what I heard. I also heard that we are not... read more

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