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Unofficial official layoff report 9/3

Well, well, well, in it's tribute to the workforce oracle decided to have a major layoff Friday, 9/1 right before Labor Day. The damage is 2,500 people laid off in what effectively shuts down development of Sun products (SPARC, Solaris, and storage). Layoff included following sub totals: Santa Clara 1,500; San Diego 400, Austin 100, Broomfield 200, Burlington 50, India 50.

That makes the total for FY18 ( starting 6-1-2017) 7,000, and the total since 6/1/2016 17,000. Expect more layoffs to come. Good luck all!

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In effect, Aria is tied to payroll. You're either in both or in neither.

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@P5SvDnH-3dfw : nice trick, it works, I have doublechecked with some people I know they are gone but still in the charts. Aria is an house of ghosts now, I've done some random sampling and in the teams I checked btwn 50% and 90% are ghosts, including some VPs................. checked MS, WC and AA org

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Here is a quick tip to check if someone's RIFed. Go to their aria profile and click on their beehive calendar. If they are gone, it pops up an error message.

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Yes, email is bouncing already from the people who were laid off, even if they're at a WARN site and thus showing up in the employee directory until November.

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If u want to know if a friend or colleague is still employed, why not send an email? A deactivated account will probably return a 550 no such user or similar. Why fiddle with aria which can be gamed. SMTP doesn't lie.

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@P5SvDnH-2zsx: Aria still shows inactive employees that are still on the payroll due to WARN. There's other ways to figure out if people's accounts are deactivated though; for example looking up affected users in bugdb, and they'll be marked as inactive or disabled or something. If you wan't to go by data in Aria, wait two more months and they'll all be gone. This was exactly how it worked in the Jan'17 RIF, which made it quite annoying sometimes to figure out if someone was still in the company or not.

So, browse to MS's MicroElectronics org and see how many people you can find under there that are still really there. My guess is about 30 (out of 1000).

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This is just a labor concentration shift to cloud, which is still rapidly hiring at the high end.

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"2pwn here again. I'm not trolling. What kind of data do you have access to? I'm going by data sent out by HR that is used to shut off accounts of those affected."

to above poster *

Go fxxk yourself, hope what's happen to us on last Friday will apply to you too soon!!!

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@zax - please stop this nonsense. How stupid can you be to rely on something that some HR drone sent out. Go to the parking lot in Santa Clara and see what it looks like. Count the number of cars,

Let us know how many are there

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2pwn here again. I'm not trolling. What kind of data do you have access to? I'm going by data sent out by HR that is used to shut off accounts of those affected.

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@P5SvDnH-2pwm Enough. It's an insult to all of us let go Friday. Take your trolling elsewhere, and have a heart.

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@2pwn - Stop this nonsense please. The lay off was huge and has effectively shut down any future Sparc/ Solaris development. Your fake news is a waste of time

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2500 is about 6x the actual amount. ~370-380 is a good number. This is looking at actual data.

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@2urx - only if they are dum enough to tell oracle about it, which of course nobody should do. Enjoy the double income if you're lucky enough to get a job on the next two months

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Oracle HR timed this layoff perfectly: Notification of your position is eliminated on Labor Day follow by Termination Employment on Halloween. ... May be run of money on Christmas day. Thank you Oracle by treating us so "well" .

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So they are on the payroll (and have benefits and are employed by Oracle) until Oct 31ste

That's great. So if any to-be-laid-off SCA peeps leave the company before Halloween, they weren't technically laid off, they quit?

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@desi: The package for SCA and HQ (locations I happen to know) was 4 weeks for the first year plus 1 week for each year after. 26 week cap. SCA was subject to WARN. HQ was not. Those in SCA have a 60 day notification period. So they are on the payroll (and have benefits and are employed by Oracle) until Oct 31st -- but their badges were collected on the 1st and they are not to work. Their severance payout is reduced by this 8+ week notification period. In HQ the notification date and the termination date were both the 1st (and therefore severance is not reduced).

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Following @1ebg's post, I imagine the same is for Austin. Spouse will be on Oracle payroll through 10/31 per WARN. Imagine spouse still on ARIA org chart.

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The org chart doesn't reflect reality. People who are affected (in CA) still show up for some time as part of WARN behaviors.

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So what does package look like for those that fall under WARN vs those that do not?

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what does that do to Diva customers?

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For those affected by WARN, they will remain on ARIA for a little over 60 days. All those in California, SCA for example, are affected by WARN.

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Stop trying to hide facts and show some decency please. You know very well that Aria is not aligned. I can name a lot of people that already sent the infamous goodbye mail or just called me to say farewell, that are still on the chart. Most of the people affected are under WARN, so they will not disappear from Aria immediately.

I have been confirmed that total affected in ME/Solaris dev just in SCA are more than 970. A 2000 figure ww is more than reasonable. 2500 could be, but only in 2-3 months when also EU layoff will be executed. Has been a real massacre, and next in turn will be sales / presales. Everyone working in Systems should start looking for a job outside.

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2500 people layed off?? This doesn’t make sense! I looked at the Ed Screven org chart on Aug 31 vs today Sept 4th and there are fewer than 500 affected. Ed has all engineering reporting to him @ Oracle. Sure it’s a big # but theres still ~900 reporting to MicroElectronics (SPARC) and ~500 reporting to Solaris engineering. Seems Oracle is just making changes to organization as it aligns to delivering IaaS and Cloud in general and SPARC & Solaris are still a part of strategy. And don't forget Fujitsu is also delivering SPARC systems running Solaris as well.

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AUS layoff was only 100? Are you sure? It seemed a lot more than that.

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