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Everyone should go work for a company that never fires anyone.

I do agree that they way they do it is tremendously sh--ty. I assume they do layoff day this way so nobody can say they were singled out, and that it's a corporate decision and not a personal one... but the psychological effect of "sit in your office and wait to hear your fate" is beyond cruel. I know a few folks who got zapped and just used the opportunity to hop over to another role in a different part of the company where their skills and/or interest matched up. That might be getting harder to do lately, but it's still a valid option.

Sometimes you get stuck on a dog of a project, and your manager has no idea what value you bring, and you just get chewed up by the machinery. I've seen it happen to a good number of co-workers over the years. The ones who have been keeping their skills up-to-date and have built a network of contacts will be mildly inconvenienced as they move into their next role. The only way you're f---ed is if you counted on your job to last forever and never bothered to learn anything outside of your bubble.

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I think they mean real training. Not the crap training that oracle foists off as knowledge. Think cloud and virtual environment certs. Microsoft certs, if you can stand that pile of digital junk. Linux certs most definitely. Cisco if you are a networking nerd. Companies rarely provide this anymore, like Sun did for so many Unix noobs back in the day, where they paid you to learn on the job. It is up to you to find the time and $$ to do this. That is the new normal.

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In my group in a satellite office, there was little chance for training and not even encouraged by managers so the posting by @P8Ls6Px is somewhat disingenuous about re=training. We were not encouraged to get out of the bubble..

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"The only way you're f---ed is if you counted on your job to last forever and never bothered to learn anything outside of your bubble."

many people did, but if you don't really use what you learn it vanishes in few weeks. I know people who took so many classes, learned new things and after few weeks of not practicing what they learned specially if its a new programming language it evaporates.

the right way is to learn a new thing, practice it, and go apply. sitting on it won't do you any good

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