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Starting work at new company during WARN

How can Oracle find out that I have started work at a new company during warn period? I want to get every penny I can from those a--holes. Any advice?

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... finds out overlapping employment in background check ...

Due to legal implications, most companies do not reveal any personal info about your employment history to others. Even if they do find out, so what? Integrity? You serious?

You just got riffed by your ex-employer. You have no office, no access to company facilities or resources, no badge after the notification date. The only reason you were/are still listed as active on the payroll is to tick off some check boxes on state forms they filed. For all intents and purposes you are no longer an employee. I would have no moral/conscience issues with saying I was only employed up to the date I got the Fedex package. And the fact that you are smart and proactive enough to secure a job and not bother with enjoying a vacation (i.e. sitting around to collect unemployment) says a lot about your character. If the prospective employer has a problem with that, then you should think twice about working for them. You are beyond stupid if you sit around until your WARN period is over and let opportunities drift away. Be true to yourself and your family (if you have one), that's integrity!

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Theres no way for Oracle to find out unless you plan to rejoin them and they do a background check on you. At the maximum what could happen is any of your future employer finds out overlapping employment in background check and they object to it and doubt your integrity....but why wud they care for couple montjs of extra pay you got. May be someone who got laid off in Jan 2017 andactually faced this situation can throw some light on this.

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Let your new employer handle it and see what happens, you don't have to tell oracle. Either they catch on or they don't

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hai, but what if having h1b visa? then? please revert.

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NMR is right, just do it and keep your mouth shut

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The minimum money required by law in California is payment for time worked and accumulated vacation. The rest of severance is not required by law, just saves money on wrongful termination lawsuits by basically offering an up front settlement in exchange for you signing an agreement not to sue.

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There is no problem working in WARN period. You can work anywhere you want and they need to give you a minimum money required by law to let you go.

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They don't, unless you tell them. They don't check and don't really care, unless you let them know, which puts them in a position where they have to care. This is what is known as an intelligence test.

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